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1)n. 声称,断言,主张
Western experts cast their own suspicious eye upon such a claim.
2)n. 权利,要求,所有权
He has a claim to the property of his deceased uncle. 他有权继承他叔父的遗产。
They have no claim on us. 它们无向我们要求的权利。
If the land really belongs to you, why don’t you lay claim to it? 如果这块土地真正属于你,为什么你不据理力争呢?
3)v. 要求,认领,索赔
He claims exemption from military service. 他要求免役。
Does anyone claim this pencil? 有没有人认领这只铅笔?
The claimed against losses from the company. 他们要求公司赔偿损失。
4)v. 自称,声称,主张
I have never claimed to be an expert in this field. 我从来没有声称是这方面的专家。
He claimed that he was right. 他声称他是正确的。
He claims that it is so. 他主张是如此的。
2.try out 试用,试验,检验
And that information is giving American patiens new confidence in trying out acupuncture for themsleves.
The idea seems good, but it needs to be tried out. 这个主意似乎很好,但是必须经过彻底的试验。 large part/ for the most part 多半,在很大程度上,在大多数地方
That change came in large part from a 1997 National Institutes of Health sonsensus statement based on an expert panel’s comprehensive review of the literature.
Japanese TV sets are, for the most part, pf excellent quality.
4.a variety of 种种
The panel concluded acupucture to be an acceptable treatment for the relief of a wide variety of conditions.
He left for a variety of reasons. 他们由于各种各样的原因离开了。
a large variety of patterns to choose from 各种各样的花样可供选择 conjunction with 与---共同,连同
--- , either when used in conjuction with regular medical treatment or as an acceptable alternative therapy.
We are working in conjunction with the police. 我们与警方配合进行工作。
6.figure out 想出,理解,推理
People are trying to figure that out.
I’ve never been able to figure him out. 我一直不能理解他。
I can not figure out why he quit his job. 我琢磨不透为什么他要辞掉工作。
Have you figured out what’s wrong with your car? 你找出汽车的毛病了吗?
2) 演算出,计算出
Have you figured out how much the holiday will cost? 你算出假期将花多少钱了吗?
7.originate 发源,开始,起因
originate in sth
Pain often originates in flamed tissues.
The quarrel originates in rivalry between the two families. 这次争吵是由两家的不和引起的。
8.modify 修改,更改,改进,改造
Studies are showing that acupuncture  changes areas of the brain linked to the heart, modifying heart rate through the synpahtetic and parasympathetic nervous system.
1) 稍改某事物,使缓和,使改善,使改进
The union has been forced to modify its position.
The heating system has recently been modified to make it more efficient.
2) 修饰,限定------的意义
“In the black cat” the adjective “black” modifies the noun “cat”. opposed to 在---的对照之下,而非
It’s more about stimulation, as opposed t the suppressive effects of drugs.
I am here on business as opposed to a holiday. 我在这儿是办公事而不是度假。
10.   equivalent 等值的,相等的,相同的
But he pointed out that the average acupuncture needle is much thinner, equivalent to the diameter of a human hair.
11.   certify 证明---合格,证实
The national Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriential Medicine also certifies experienced acupuncturists throughout the country.
He cerfitied that it was his wife’s handwriting. 他证实是他妻子的笔迹。

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